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The Road to Crowdfunding Hell

The lack of rational analysis about equity crowdfunding is remarkable to me.  Sure, it sounds like an easy source of startup capital that should lead to happy entrepreneurs, delighted investors and job creation galore.  However, this will likely not be the case. Few pundits seem to have the depth of knowledge and foresight to look far enough down the equity crowdfunding road and offer convincing predictions of the issues and problems that may arise.


Fortunately, Daniel Isenberg has provided just that in his HBR Blog, The Road to Crowdfunding Hell.  Don’t miss it!


Written by Bill Payne

user Bill Payne Angel Investor ,
Frontier Angel Fund

Bill Payne has been actively involved in angel investing since 1980. He has funded over 50 companies and mentored over 100. He is a founding member of four angel organizations: Aztec Venture Network, Tech Coast Angels, Vegas Valley Angels, and Frontier Angel Fund.

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One thought on “The Road to Crowdfunding Hell”

  1. Dkhorram says:

    It is clear that AIs and VCs are worried about CrowdFunding … but wait .. CrowdFunding produces qualified and concept tested entrepreneurs and with crowd of followers and buyers . CrowdFunding is 6 years old in Australia with a great success . One last element , Business lending is in its 12 year low , what you recommend Start ups, SMBs and entrepreneurs to do short of begging ? LA Mayor is forced to work with Kiva (a Micro lender ) to get micro loans ( 7k and less ) …. Banks are also gambling ( i.e Dimon jp morgan) and not investing in SMBs.. Any idea or just criticizing a good idea . Do you know people were saying the samething wne NASDQ started ???? Do you know CrwodFunding was the way America was built before Banks and AIs and VCs..