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Ten minute-pitch: What to I include in my slide deck since it’s not really an “elevator pitch”?

How important is a video pitch to investors for an early stage start-up?

There is no one thing (aside from integrity) that is an absolute, and what you need to have when fundraising for a startup will depend to some extent on how you are managing your funding process.  A good list of just about everything you could possibly want to have in your arsenal is listed in the answer to What materials

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The Summary is Dead. Long Live the Short Video

First, I admit it: sometimes I exaggerate for effect. And I just did, with my title here. In truth, you still need those summaries.

By the time you’re here on you’ve probably figured out that the relationship between business plans and short summaries is something like between movie and movie trailer. Investors don’t read the whole plan if they

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