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True Story: Why We Turned This Deal Down

This is about a deal my angel group turned down.

The software looks excellent. I wanted to use it immediately. There’s urgent and widespread market need. It’s obviously proprietary too. It’s a crowded noisy market, but it feels like this one has a real shot at it. Furthermore, the entrepreneur behind it is proven. The software grew out of the

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7 Ways to Cure Post-Pitch Depression

Posted by on July 10th, 2012

It’s one of the most frequent questions: What if I can’t get funded for my deal? What next? Do I keep trying forever, drowning in the myth of persistence? Who can I complain to? Where do I get my appeals hearing?

Here are my seven favorite cures for post-pitch depression.

Scale down and focus: So don’t be the next

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Investors Reject Plans With No Clear Business Model

For survival, the objective of every business should be to bring in revenues which exceed their costs. Even non-profits have to do this to cover overhead costs, unless they rely totally on donations. Yet I continue to see business plans, or even talk to founders, and can’t find the specifics of the business model anywhere.

As Guy Kawasaki says in

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