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Forget Presidential Politics: Here’s How We Create Jobs — And How You Can Help

As I write this, days after the 2012 presidential election, I’m probably not alone in feeling relieved that the political jeering and soapboxing that reached a feverish pitch during the seemingly endless campaign season has finally subsided.  Yet amidst all the partisan cheerleading and name-calling, there has been some discussion of substance.  One particular four-letter word has been used pervasively

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Is it legal to solicit investors for a startup since the JOBS Act has passed?

Yes and No.

The JOBS Act has several pieces, two of which are relevant here. The fascinating thing is that they allow for diametrically opposite activities! The key questions are:

Who can you MARKET to? Who can you SELL to?

Under the Crowdfunding provisions of the JOBS Act, a startup company will, for the first time, be able to sell

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How do venture capitalists feel about following a crowdfunding capital raise?

This was one of the primary subjects for discussion at Venture Forward 2012 ( The answer to that question at the pre-conference speaker’s dinner implied unanimous agreement (from a group consisting of many of the top angels, VCs, lawyers, and pundits in the industry), that “direct, equity-based, common stock crowd funding as envisioned by the JOBS Act” would absolutely, positively

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Crowd Funding and Job Creation

There seem to be two motivations behind the current buoyant enthusiasm in Congress over crowd funding for entrepreneurs:  1) the democratization of funding for startup companies (no longer requiring such investors be wealthy) and 2) the job creation that is expected to result from creating more startup ventures.  In my earlier post, Crowd Funding – A Critique for Entrepreneurs and

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