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How to Secure a Lead Investor

By Paula Taas, Founder Institute

You’ve created an amazing founding team, you’ve built a brilliant product that has been gaining a lot of traction, and now you’re looking to expand your company. How do you continue to build your business? By searching for a lead investor in your next funding round.

The lead investor is the

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8 Tips on How Much Money to Ask for from Investors

Startups ask me “How much money should I ask for?” The simple answer is the absolute minimum amount you need to make your plan work. Some entrepreneurs try to start with a huge number, hoping they can negotiate and close on a smaller one, while others understate their requirements, in hopes of getting their foot in the door with an

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What is it like to lose all of your investors’ money?

I’ve been on both sides of this event, and believe me, it is not fun. But it is, unfortunately, a virtually inextricable part of the entrepreneurial life, and what matters most (at least in the US, where entrepreneurship—and even valiant failure—is celebrated rather than reviled) is how you deal with it.

I am one of the more upbeat, positive-thinking people

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Startups: Is purchasing office jellyfish a good use of investor money?

If the investor thinks it is, then it is. If not, no.

While that may sound simplistic, it’s actually accurate. It is important to look at questions like this holistically. Investors are putting their money behind an entrepreneur and his/her particular vision, team, and operating skills. If the entrepreneur believes that having office jellyfish is a Good Thing for company

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Your Entrepreneur World Changes When You Take Money

The naïve entrepreneur thinks he can relax, after he finally cashes the check from a professional investor, but in reality that’s when the work and the pressure starts. His first reality reset is that now, maybe for the first time, he really has a boss, or several bosses, and often very demanding ones at that. He is now.

Angel and

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