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As an investor, what are the most important items that a startup must have for you to invest?

Large and growing market Real domain expertise Provable product need Scalable business model Competitive advantage Platform/partnership/bizdev/API strategy External validation (ideally traction and/or passionate customers) Viable business structure and cap table Reasonable valuation Proven team (tech/product/design/marketing/sales/domain/etc.)

But most important of all, it must have an entrepreneur on whom I’m willing to bet. And the attributes I look for in that entrepreneur are:

As an American angel investor, what would it take for you to invest in a Brazilian startup?

I would be unlikely to invest in a Brazilian startup at this time because I have absolutely no background or knowledge of the local market, I don’t speak Portuguese, I would be unlikely to be able to attend board meetings or even visit the company, and finally because there are issues relative to double-taxation under US and local tax codes that make

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What are some good ways to get to meet with VC’s without introductions?

Actively build, maintain and make use of the amazing social networking tools that are available. Right now, there are over 11 million people who can provide an introduction to me through LinkedIn (and I am far from an open networker.)

If you can’t figure out how to get one of those eleven MILLION people to recommend you to me, that’s

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Should I invest in a “cause/social marketing” business selling in a flooded market?

I would likely not invest in this myself, but…

True Story: Why We Turned This Deal Down

This is about a deal my angel group turned down.

The software looks excellent. I wanted to use it immediately. There’s urgent and widespread market need. It’s obviously proprietary too. It’s a crowded noisy market, but it feels like this one has a real shot at it. Furthermore, the entrepreneur behind it is proven. The software grew out of the

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