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What is the average startup rating on

The rating system provided by Gust on the investor side is not intended to be used as any type of objective or standardized measurement. That’s because it was designed to be completely customizable for each angel group or venture fund using the platform.

Group administrators have the ability to turn ratings on or off, show or hide them, establish the

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10 Things That Make a Business Plan NOT Fundable

I really like Martin Zwilling’s post here yesterday, 10 things that make a business plan fundable. That made me think about this list, the opposite, things that make a plan not fundable. Before I start, though, I second Martin’s motion on the use of business plans:

People ask me if they really need ANY business plan, unless they are

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Reflection on Local Angel Investment From Inside Out

Posted by on May 22nd, 2012

This is a good time to reflect on my experience with locally based angel investment. I just finished with the fourth of our annual angel investment event for my local group based in Eugene and Corvallis, Oregon. I’ve been an investing member since the group — the Willamette Angel Conference, nicknamed (ugh) the WAC — started.

We now have an

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Reflections on Reviewing 30 Plans on in a Day

I was never one of those people who rushed to get everything done early. I’m as likely as you are to put things off. So this morning I’m looking at 30 plans on Gust to be discussed this evening when we meet as the Willamette Angel Conference to take the first steps towards an investment decision in May. I started after

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The Summary is Dead. Long Live the Short Video

First, I admit it: sometimes I exaggerate for effect. And I just did, with my title here. In truth, you still need those summaries.

By the time you’re here on you’ve probably figured out that the relationship between business plans and short summaries is something like between movie and movie trailer. Investors don’t read the whole plan if they

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The World of Gust

Today’s unveiling of Gust, the global infrastructure for early stage entrepreneurial financing, is a milestone that has been seven years in the making. When we originally conceived of a single platform tying together the world’s entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and supporting organizations, it quickly became apparent that the biggest challenge had nothing to do with technology. Instead it was

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