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Build Entrepreneur Credentials Early and Wisely

Many believe that entrepreneurs are born, not made. While I agree that successful company builders usually have a natural inclination to be entrepreneurs, a good education helps polish that apple. There are people who are natural musicians, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to teach them music.

Of course, there’s no law saying you have to go to college

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The Care and Feeding of Advisory Boards

Sure, you want investors.  But sometimes the outsiders most capable of helping your business are those who invest time, not money.  And I don’t mean because they lend a credible name to an investor pitch: way too many entrepreneurs look at names on Advisory Board as just a way to expedite a raise.  If that’s all you really expect of

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Startup Dream Teams & Fundability

Every investor is looking for the “dream team” of executives to put his money on. Often I find that experienced investors flip to the management page of a business plan, even before they read the product description.  That’s how important the people are. What are investors looking for in the CEO and the rest of the top executives?

Do Angel Investors Care About University Degrees?

There is a stream in entrepreneurship lore that the entrepreneur doesn’t need or want education, a fire fed by legendary dropouts Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Why waste your time studying? Just do it; or so it goes. So how do angel investors fall on this question? Does the degree add credibility? Is it worth it?