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Startups: A Verbal Wave at Social Media Means Diddly

Startups: Investors expect new marketing. The fundamentals still apply but tools and realities are different now. If you don’t understand the broader implications of social media, content marketing, curation, engagement, and relationships, then you desperately need a great reason why not. And don’t think you can just wave your hands at it.  You have to really know it.

Here’s are

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Warning: Half a Truth is Three Times a Lie

Entrepreneurs: think of yourself in a pitch situation. You’re talking to a small collection of people you don’t know. They’re taking notes. You’re talking and showing slides from your pitch deck.

I think you assume that on any subject you cover, there is at least one person sitting quietly watching you who knows a whole lot about that subject.

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10 Reasons I Hated Your Pitch

Boring. You’re reading the bullet points to me, half the time with your back turned to me. It’s like watching a speech with the teleprompter showing. Look at me, put a picture onto the screen to add emphasis, and talk to me. Bull. You’re quoting crazy numbers out of context. You’re assuming I won’t connect dots, or that you’re the

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